Derb El Arsa N 7, Kennaria, Medina, Marrakesh 40000

Safran et Cannelle Riad & Spa Your secret backdoor to a vibrant experience


Ever wish you could actually stay right next to the famous Jemaa El Fna square without being bothered by all its noise ?

Well, it is now possible with our freshly designed riad ! We did it because you deserve it !

You now have the chance to experience the most of your Marrakech experience, our location will help you discovering more and more everyday as all the ancient, true and magic moroccan cultural festivities and chants are all performed at the Jemaa El Fna square, especially by nightfall; Snake charmers on the ground beneath parasols, street performers dancing and playing music, juice stalls swathed in orange, fortune tellers in drab robes, storytellers in tattered, dirty clothes, surrounded by open mouths and marvelling eyes.

The whole riad is designed for a one-of-a-kind Marrakech experience, from fresh juices and refreshments to hookahs, we could provide everything you need after a long busy day in the souks. Feel free to relax wherever suits you well, either in the lounges by the pool, the Berber Wonder woman floor or in our refreshing rooftop.

The Berber Wonder Woman floor has been designed to honor and cherish all the efforts of women in general and especially the berber women, who played and still are playing the most important part in all berber families. As you will discover, portraits of these women are all over the walls, each one of them has a story. As per the Berber Wonder Woman, we have portrayed her in the main wall of our hookah lounge.

Safran et Cannelle Riad & Spa

Discover what it is like to stay in an authentic riad with 19 rooms available and make it easy on your wallet by reserving your room in advance. We believe we offer the best Marrakech experience combining simplicity, comfort and quality. Riad Jemaa El Fna boutique hotel & spa is inward focused, which allows privacy and protection from the hot weather.





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